At Cherry Black we believe it’s people first

That makes us not particularly ‘traditional’ accountants. We think if you view people as whole people and not just workers or business owners, a more rounded, complete and powerful picture emerges. That’s when we can be of most use to you, when we know, see, and understand your whole picture. So … as revolutionary as it may sound, we think there’s more to it than money. Shocking right? Well, to us, not really. Numbers are important, and that’s where our key strength and service to you lies. But, we’re at the forefront of the industry, leading the charge in a new era of Accountants. We’ve even re-thought the category. We’re carving out a new space as Business Builders, not Businesses with ‘Solutions’ or ‘Services’ tacked on the end. We simply felt Business Builders was more authentic, and closer to what we actually love doing. And after all, it’s the kind of thing you typically come to us for. We’re excited.

Even though this is the Values section of our site, we don’t want to create a list of our values. That sounds very much like what other old school businesses would do. Instead, we’d rather share with you what we do, as a way of showing you how our values lead to different behaviours.

  • We’ll sit next you to, not opposite you

  • You won’t catch us watching the clock

  • There isn’t even one on the wall

  • We speak English

  • Accounting isn’t a language

  • We don’t charge for phone calls

  • Or meetings

  • We simply charge a fair monthly fee

  • We’ll come to your place

  • We’ll probably be wearing jeans

  • You can call us by first name

  • We’ll even tell you now so you can prepare

  • Hi I’m Sanchia

  • And I’m Paul

  • We actually know each other

  • And work together

  • Two brains are better than one

  • That’s what we think anyway

  • When you call, we’ll answer

  • No “Please hold, I’ll just check to see if s/he’s available”

  • We’re involved in our community

  • It’s how we pay it forward

  • Drinking coffee together creates the space for great decision making.

If you think we’d get along, both in a business context and personally, then reach out, we’d love to hear from you. 

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