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How to Win at Business: Business Planning Workshop

A business grows best when it’s built on a solid plan. In this focused, One-Day Planning Workshop you will clarify your business plan and get specific help where you need it the most.

Our unique pre-training videos prepare you with everything you need to achieve the goal of completing your business plan in the workshop, accurately and with full confidence.

Your business plan will cover:

  • The Business

  • Industry Analysis

  • Marketing Plan

  • Operational Strategy

  • Financial Strategy

Build your business strong, right from the start!


From Idea to Income: Business viability Seminar

Is your new business in the early planning stages? Do you worry that you are not prepared with a viable business model? Have you wondered if your idea could be worth more than you think?

This 2 hour viability workshop will give you all the tools you need to confidently invest in your new business.

Together we will explore:

  • Researching Your Markets

  • Due Diligence

  • Financing & Government Grants

  • Pricing & Costing

  • Starting up vs. Buying an Established Business

Start out right – join us to unpack the true potential of your business!

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Cash flow Planning for Growth

Growth is usually the hardest stage for a business' cash flow.  We can show you how to forecast and plan cash flow for your business growth.



Your Business Dashboard

Ever wanted to see how your business was tracking quickly and easily?

Ever feel like you need to understand your business a bit more?

Do you struggle to monitor the various aspects of your business?

During the course you will build your own customised business ‘dashboard’ and learn what each element means. Each dashboard is quick and easy to update on a monthly basis using data straight from your bookkeeping software.

 The dashboard is yours to keep, update and can be used year on year.


Bookkeeping And Automation Courses

We offer 3 courses in each of the software packages being:

  • Setup and beginners

  • Automation and Time Saving Tips

  • Advanced Customisation and Features All participants are encouraged to work and learn live on their own file during the day. Groups are limited to 6 to ensure it can be customised to the groups needs.


Succession Planning : Issues to consider





How to Employ Staff






How to Read Financial Statements







BAS Preparation