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At Cherry Black we believe it’s people first. That makes us not very ‘traditional’ accountants. In fact, we’re not even sure we are accountants. Well, we are, but we think of ourselves as Business Builders, not accountants. We sit in a very different space to the traditional because we reverse engineered our process. We started with what the market needed, not a series of products to then try and make the market want them. We’re pretty confident that makes us innovative and hope it shows how we can deliver you solutions in a different way.

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We put people first at Cherry Black. We do this because there’s much more on the line than simple numbers. We appreciate the hopes and dreams you have invested in your business.



So you’ve been up and running for a while now. You’ve got wind in your sales, cash in the register, and maybe even a few goodies to show for your success. Life is good (oh no, did we just say LG?).



Starting a business often begins with what we affectionately refer to as a “Martin Luther King Moment”. Like him, you “have a dream”. You’re enthused and motivated and are keen to set about achieving it. We applaud you.



How do you know what your business is worth? Many will tell you that your business is worth some multiple of your earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation & amortisation (EBITDA) but is this really correct?


are you the right client for us?

We’re skilled, passionate and dedicated when it comes to solutions for businesses at the following stages: Start Up + Growth Phase + Needs tweaking/fixing.


are we right for you?

If you’re looking for someone to just “do” your tax, put us 3rd on your list of businesses to contact. However, if you’re looking for a business where: We’re future focused, not bound by old ways + We walk with you as you grow and develop + We’re not clock watchers ‘cos in reality, everything we do is all about you + We use the word ‘cosWe speak English, not Accounting + Who believe the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary + Are overachievers, at both the everyday and the extraordinary. Then we’re right for each other, so bump us up the list and contact us first. As revolutionary as it may sound, we think there’s more to it than money. Shocking right?


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