due diligence: know the background

Due diligence - we read the fine print, so you don’t have to. Before putting pen to paper you need to know what you are buying, who you are buying it from and most importantly, whether or not it’s the right purchase for you.

We assess all the financial aspects of your future business acquisition, such as:

  • Pre-existing or upcoming liabilities

  • Unforeseen or potential risks

  •  Benefits, and 

  • Opportunities 

We want you to better understand your business by providing a fresh, detailed insight to help you make the most of your position and become a leader in your industry.

We know how to spot the red flags when purchasing a business and won’t shy away from the facts. Your specialist advisor will:

  • Ask the hard questions of the vendor

  • Conduct thorough checks on past performance of the business, comparing to industry benchmark and expectation

  • Review future forecasts and ensure reasonableness of assumptions

  • Clarify ownership of what is being purchased

  • Confirm compliance with all relevant taxation laws

  • Work with lawyers (ours or yours) to ensure all documentation is prepared in your best interests.

  • We’re confident we have a solution for your needs, and look forward to being in touch.

When you deal with Cherry Back, you’ll find our knowledge and interpretation are two key things we pride ourselves on. Our years of experience and a diverse client portfolio allow us to give you the best possible due diligence assessment, so you can make a firm decision. 


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