Starting a business often begins with what we affectionately refer to as a “Martin Luther King Moment”. Like him, you “have a dream”. You’re enthused and motivated and are keen to set about achieving it. We applaud you. The task now is to put things in place to turn your Dream into Reality.

It’s important to start the way you want to continue, and hey, let’s be optimists, you’re preparing for success right? There are a few key things that need to be set in place from the outset so you’re in the best position to achieve. Having these under control also means you can focus on creating your dream, and not be distracted by behind the scenes necessities.

If you’re a Start-Up, we’ll work with you assisting with things like:

  • Business Structure
  • Business Registration
  • Business Planning
  • Insurances
  • Record Keeping
  • Protection of Assets
  • Getting Started
  • General Business Advice/how to avoid traps for young players
  • Feasibility Analysis.

If required, we can offer individual or group sessions tailored to your needs. We’ll also provide takeaway materials for you to review when you’re not with us.