due diligence: know the background

One of the most important factors when considering purchasing a business is due diligence. Before putting pen to paper you must know what you are buying, who you are buying it from and, most importantly, whether it is the right purchase for you. 

The team at Cherry Black have extensive experience in due diligence and know what to look out for when purchasing a business. This will give you the security you need to make a firm decision. Cherry Black will:

  • Ask the hard questions of the vendor

  • Conduct thorough checks on past performance of the business, comparing to industry benchmark and expectation

  • Review future forecasts and ensure reasonableness of assumptions

  • Clarify ownership of what is being purchased

  • Confirm compliance with all relevant taxation laws

  • Work with lawyers (ours or yours) to ensure all documentation is prepared in your best interests.

We’re confident we have a solution for your needs, and look forward to being in touch.


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